Do and Don’t In Feng Shui Period 9

A new period in the Feng Shui circle will start in 2024. Did you know that? Period 9 is the last era in a 180-year circle. During this time, many things will change in your life, so pay close attention. We will tell you everything you shouldn’t do in Feng Shui Period 9 in this post.

Important points to remember for Period 9 Feng Shui

Since the beginning of time, people have lived through many times and changed a lot. Home Feng Shui began at the XuanKong (Flying Star School). This way of doing things divides 180 years into three parts: the top, the middle, and the bottom. Nine periods are there, and each one is made up of three 20-year eras.

The first day of Period 9 is February 4, 2024. The time isn’t quite right, though, because of how Jupiter and Saturn move. Some professionals said that Period 9 would begin in December 2020. It’s simple to see how the world has transformed since 2020. The energy from Period 9 is getting stronger, so we should pay attention to it.

Many people who know about Feng Shui believe that Period 9 will be luckier than the ones that came before it. Things that are hot, like the Sun, sun, and brightness, are in Period 9. Because of what the second daughter means spiritually, there will be more strong middle-aged women in the world. A lot of cool things are growing really quickly, like digital media, AI, social ideals, beauty and makeup, digital banking, and a lot more. Earth’s rising is one of the most important issues to address in Period 9 because of fire. 

There will almost certainly be a number of very important events that happen when Period 9 starts. Right away, we need to get prepared and start making plans for what we need to do next. If you make the most of the time and chances that Period 9 gives you, you will be in charge of your life and do well. 

Tips for the 9th Period of Feng Shui

The most lucky place for you right now is in the southern part of your home or business, where the fire star 9 is. This celestial body brings many gifts, happiness, and success. Keep these things in mind when you are performing Period 9 Feng Shui:

Since fire star 9 is in the south, this is the best time to be in the south corner of your home or business. Good luck, wealth, and happiness come from this star. You can use red, orange, or purple paint, candles, lamps, or other things that have to do with fire to arrange this space. You can also put up awards, medals, prizes, or other signs of your success in this area, which can help your job and image.

  • The fifth earth star is in the middle of your home or business, which makes it the second-most lucky spot right now. This star brings security, balance, and unity. You can make this space better by adding yellow, beige, or brown paint, jewels, pottery, or other things that are earth-related. Put health images in this area, like trees, veggies, or medicine, to improve your health and energy.
  • The third most lucky place in your home or business this month is in the east, where the wood star 4 is located. This star helps with romance, cleverness, and creativity. You can make this area better by adding trees, flowers, or other things that are connected to wood in green, blue, or black colors. You could also put educational images like books, pencils, or degrees in this area to help you learn and do better in school.
  • The other parts of your home or business are more or less lucky depending on the constellations that live there. Talk to an experienced Feng Shui practitioner to find out the best way to engage or fix each area based on your specific needs and goals.
  • The Feng Shui in your home or office should be balanced and peaceful, with no clutter, broken items, sharp edges, or bad images. To keep the energy going, you should also regularly open and close the windows and doors, use air filters and humidifiers as needed, and play soothing music or sounds.

Feng Shui opportunities await you in Period 9

During this time, there will be a lot of changes and new things happening. So, you should seize the chances that come your way as soon as possible. We will give you a number of great fields that have a lot of promise and will bring you lots of happiness. 

The fire energy is at its strongest right now, which means there are chances to become famous, get noticed, and be successful. It does, however, come with problems like fights, crashes, and heart, blood, and eye health problems.

If you want to make the most of your chance in period 9, you need to know how the fire energy affects your feng shui and the space around you. The following tips can help you get lucky and stay away from problems.

  • Fire-themed art, lights, candles, or bright colors can help you open up the south side of your home or business. People will like you more and think better of you after this. Putting water and metal in this area is not a good idea because they can weaken the fire energy or even fight it.
  • Wearing red, orange, pink, or purple clothes or items can make you feel more confident and attractive. These colors can also help you find love and get married in period 9. Don’t wear blue, green, or black because they can make you less creative and excited.
  • Making sure you eat well, work out, and take it easy can help control your body’s fire energy. Eat hot, bitter, or sour foods to make your metabolism and blood move faster. Too much salt, sugar, or oil in food can hurt and swell your nose and throat. Working out often will help your body get rid of stress and extra heat. To relax your eyes and thoughts, read, meditate, or play music.
  • Get a one-of-a-kind report by talking to a professional feng shui expert about your birth chart and your home. When you reach period 9, this will help you figure out what you’re good and bad at and how to make your luck and health better.

That’s all you need to know about Feng Shui in Period 9. We hope this really helps you and best of luck in this time.

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