Qi Men Dun Jia Course Preview on Business Divinations

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Let’s look at the question.

There are 2 people: Mr. King and Mrs. Xiao. Mr. King approached Mrs. Xiao that he has someone invested in his coffee cafe and he is open to another investor to join him for the coffee cafe investment. Mrs. Xiao is a very good friend of Mr. King and asks if this is a good investment to go for. 8 October 2021, 11.02 am.


  1. So, what we need to do is to go through the Hour.
  1. And the answer is over here:
  1. Next, who is the asker?

The asker is Mrs. Xiao, actually Mrs, Xiao is over here (DAY – JI)

  1. Next, we need to look at the potential profitability of this coffee cafe if Mrs. Xiao is going to invest in this cafe. This is the business profit (Life)
  1. Next, we also have to look at some problems in terms of the Bandit Star (in box seven). We have another Black Tortoise over here. Black Tortoise stands for this loss of money, not much.
  1. What other things are we looking at?

We have a partnership. Remember that this is a partnership investment. Just be careful. Investment in a company as long as you do not get involved in the daily operation, you do not consider yourself as a partner. In this case, whereby you do not have any  hands-on experience in sales or anything you just put money only, we do not look at the “Partner”. But we will just highlight it to let us know what the situation is.

  1. We look at the information provided by the “Dun”, which is over here.

Dun – this is the answer. We have a Life, a Bandit, a Darkness. As a whole, on paper, it looks good. Life looks good but with the Darkness, profitability with Darkness is not very fantastic. With a Bandit, it is not very good also. 

=> Therefore, we can say that the answer is not ideal.


In the second part, we have to look at Mrs. Xiao.

What is her current status?

The current status is number 4.

So, she got a Dispute,  small money loss which is the Black Tortoise. And then she has a Problem Star over here, meaning that her current statu is not so fantastic. Therefore, we also have to highlight that the asker (Mrs. Xiao) is currently not too good). 

=> Currently, her status and luck are not so great.


Next, we look at the probability of this business, in the same box as the answer. So, the profitability is not ideal also.

Part 4

  • The Bandit Star is together with the Life, that means the business will lose big money.
  • Next we have this Black Tortoise, meaning losing money, actually together with Mrs. Xiao.

There is one thing we also did not highlight is the money. Where is the money?

The money is actually represented by “Wu”. As a result, this represents the amount of money involved for Mrs. Xiao. We look at this box to find out the status of the money.

We have an “Obstruct”, which is not a very good Door to go with. It means that Mrs. Xiao may not have enough money if she wants to invest in this cafe.

=> Money: not ideal, not enough.


In this case, if we were to look at this thing, we have a Leader over here. A Leader could be somebody who is Mrs. Xiao’s boss, benefactor, or somebody who can help her, or can give her money. So, if she wants to invest in this particular coffee cafe, there is a chance that she can try to borrow money from somebody.

=> So, based on this monetary box (in box number 1), she can borrow money.


  • Answer: not ideal
  • Asker – Mrs. Xiao: not too good
  • Profit: not ideal
  • Bandit: together with the Life (Business), lose big money
  • Black Tortoise: together with Mrs. Xiao
  • Money (Box 1): not ideal, not enough
  • Can borrow money

As a whole, if Mrs. Xiao were to ask us whether or not it is a good investment, our best recommendation is that she should not go for it because there is a very high chance that this investment will lose money. Although Mrs. Xiao and Mr. King are actually very good friends.

This is a general analysis of this particular case.

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