Qi Men Dun Jia Training – 6 Countries via Zoom by Dougles Chan (Sample)

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A new job opportunity is presented to you and it is a very good job offer, should you go for it?

As a normal, what we need to do is to see where the answer is. The answer is over here, in Hour stem:

This is Bing. We need to find where Bing is. It is in box 8:

We see something interesting in box 8 which is a Circle. Box 8 is 20%-30%. We refer to the box opposite box 8 which is box 2. So, box 2 is 60%-70%. 

This is also a Fanyin chart, which means it is going to change very fast. So, the job offer may be given to you very fast and you may leave the job very fast if you want to take this offer.

Next, we need to know where you are.

So, you have to find the asker. The asker is in Day stem, which is “Ding”:

Ding is in box 9:

It does not look good. Do you know what it means?

The asker is represented by Ding. The asker is you. That means box 9 is your character. “9Heaven” is somebody who is a perfectionist, expecting a lot from themselves and other people. “Death Door” doesn’t mean that he or she is a very unlucky person, but he (or she) is actually somebody with super stubbornness. That means when he wants to do certain things, he will do certain things and he will not take the opinion of any other person. He is like an emperor; whatever he says, everybody must go along with it. “Bandit” is somebody who is a great leader. He or she can do great things, but he or she can flirt around. So, he may have a lot of external affairs in their relationship.

Next, we must know where the job is:

The job or career is represented by a symbol which is called “Open Door” (Kai Men). It is over here:

So box 7 is telling you about this job. There is “Serpent” and “Impulsive” over here. This is the information about this job. This is the general information about the job. 

But let’s look at the question more further. Let’s remember the element of relationship that we have learned earlier.

You are in Box 9, which is Fire. The job (box 7) is Metal. You are going to burn the job. You are going to melt the job. I also can say that this person somehow rather may reject the job or maybe he does not like the job. So, you clash with the job.

Next, we look at the answer. Box 8 is 20%. Box 2 is 80%. Let’s look box 8:

There is “WTiger” which means it is going to be aggressive. At the same time, there is a problem. This job may have some problems. “Injury” means that somebody or your boss will create some words to hurt you. This is one of the meanings.

Next, we look in box 2:

“Dispute” symbolizes potential arguments. There is “Leader”, which means you may have to lead this job. We also have a Horse in box 2. Horse stands for it is not stable.

My question is for you. Will you take this job offer if you are given this job offer and you have to face this chart? And why?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Always remember that sometimes in Qi Men Dun Jia, there is no absolute. Sometimes it depends on what your priority is at that point of time. Is it money status? Or do you want to get promoted? Or maybe you need to go overseas to get that job. Remember, there is always a price to pay. Whatever you do, there is always a price to pay. That means when you have certain things, you may lose certain things. Always remember that it is very balanced, so just be a bit more careful about that, especially if you want to choose or do certain things in life.

Thank you.

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