Someone is Borrowing $10,000 from you, should you lend him? – Using QMDJ to read the chart

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Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. This is Dougles Chan, I am a Qimen teacher internationally. Today, we are going to talk about this particular case whereby somebody is going to borrow money from you. This is a 10-year relationship. This is not really a best friend, just a common friend. This person asked you for a loan of $10,000 due to the COVID situation. Should you go ahead with it if you have enough money in your bank account? You are able to lend him the money, but this person is not really that close to you. He is not your best friend. He is just a common friend.

This chart was plotted on April 05, 2020.

What happened to this? This is a very interesting chart. I will get a bit more advanced in this particular chart because we need to see a couple of things. In this case, there’s something called “Taisu”. That means we need to make reference to anything in Year Stem:

The symbol is Geng-Zi. Because the energy of Geng-Zi is very strong, this is actually very important. Geng is in box 4 and Zi is actually hidden in box 1.

Box 1 has Emptiness, which means anything over here is no longer valid. Technically, if we look at a normal chart, we should make reference to box 9. But in this case, we will look at box 1 only, regardless of the Emptiness. In this aspect, the energy in box 4 is activated because the energy overflows to box 6. So, box 4 and box 6 have very high energy. They are actually multiplied, so the energy is two-times-multiplied.

Going back to the normal way of looking at a Qimen chart, we will need to see the answer. The answer is represented by the Hour Stem, which is Ji:

Ji is box 1:

Having said that, there is an Emptiness in box 1, but because of the Taisui, we will only look at box 1. So, we have 9Heaven, Life, and Diplomat. All of them are pretty good to be associated with. So, if the question is, should you actually lend him this money of $10,000 US, basically the result is quite promising.

So, what happened to yourself? You are actually located in box 2. This is your energy.

How about your friend? Your friend’s energy is represented by the Month Stem which is Geng. Geng is in box 4. So, the energy of your friend is in box 4 also.

In this case, the energy of the friend is actually two times that. That means that, currently, his state is not very stable. There are some hidden things. In this aspect, your friend who is a borrower is Wood. The answer (box 1) is Water. So, the answer actually produces him, which is good for him. Everything will be good for him. If you want to give the money to him, he will actually benefit from the whole process.

The important thing about this is I want to see whether this person is telling the truth or not. Based on “Ding”,  I will take reference in box 3:

There are no negative references. So, it is fine.

We also have to look at the View which stands for the information: whether it is true or not.

The information related to it is also perfectly fine. There is no indication that this person is telling a lie. So, in this situation, the answer is going to be good for him. Of course, it may not be good for you. The thing is whether you are willing to park this $10,000 to help him. In this case, the person is also not telling a lie. He is very sincere. The question is whether you want to do it.

As simple as that. So, there’s no right or wrong answer in this case of doing the divination under this Qi Men Dun Jia. The question is whether you want to go ahead and do it. Well, this is how we actually analyze the Qimen chart based on the explanation I have given to you. This lesson is a bit deeper because I actually added the Taisui and a few more categories to this chart. If you want to know more, continue to watch my other lessons, or you can come to my lessons, which is a six-month course. It is easily more than a lot of things that you can learn. From there, you can probably be as good as I am. Thanks for reading.

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