The Distinction of Bazi and Feng Sui

If Feng Shui were that simple, everyone would be wealthy.” But who said Feng Shui was only about attracting wealth? Suppose Feng Shui can create millionaires or billionaires, as many believe. In that case, it must be the most incredible get-rich scheme ever devised. And all of the world’s Feng Shui masters should be billionaires. In Chinese Metaphysics, a person’s capacity in life is referred to as Destiny. Every person is born with certain abilities and a life path. This ability governs his or her life potential, outcomes, and achievements. 

When an individual’s capacity is properly assessed and understood, appropriate assistance can be provided. This assistance can take the form of advice from BaZi on how to act and when to act, or it can take the form of Feng Shui on how to improve his or her ability to reach his or her full potential or to avoid life’s pitfalls. Destiny can be thought of as a life map. This map is fixed and unchanging; its destinations are predetermined at the time of a person’s birth. Destiny serves as a guideline for your life limits. We frequently hear the phrase ‘the sky’s the limit,’ which implies that a person can achieve anything they desire with effort, determination, positive thinking (and a dash of luck). A person’s Destiny is essentially his limit in Chinese Metaphysics – it’s how far you can go and what you can expect to achieve in life. Feng Shui cannot alter a person’s fate. However, an individual’s actions and inactions control Destiny. You may wonder how my actions can influence my Destiny when my Destiny is fixed. Let’s say someone was born today with the Destiny of becoming the next Bill Gates. This person will not become Bill Gates sitting around and twiddling his thumbs. However, even actions and inactions have limits. If it were possible to motivate or ‘positively will’ oneself into great wealth or achievement, we would see motivational and life coaches competing with Feng Shui masters for the top spot on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people.

Fortunes (Yun) can change but not destiny (Ming). In BaZi, “Fortunes” is synonymous with “Luck.” Riches are dynamic and ever-changing and can be compared to paths on a life map. Fortunes or luck cycles refer to the road quality in this life map. When fortunes are in your favor, you will arrive at your destination faster and more efficiently, and the path will be smoother. When means are unfavorable, the way to a destination is fraught with challenges, obstacles, and even failure to arrive. As a result, the Chinese frequently speak of Destiny and Fortune (Ming Yun). 

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