What is Qimen Forecasting?

Qimen forecasting is the ability to foretell the outcome of a given question using a Qimen Hour Chart generated manually or using an app. The technical aspect of Qimen Forecasting can be pretty intense but to make it easy for you, just take it like is a flip of a coin and see if it is a yes or no answer.

But the really power of Qimen forecasting is way complicated that just a flip of a coin though.

How Accurate if Qimen Forecasting?

There is an average about 70 percent of accuracy, if you just talk about anybody who will learn Qimen Dunjia properly.

Traditional Qimen Dunjia got nothing to do with anything related to religious, nothing to do with praying, all this kind of stuff, so it’s a very scientific approach talking about the steps to do a definition.

So when a person go through a proper channel of educating and learning the Qimen skill, they should be able to get about 70 percent of accuracy based on whatever question they ask.

Yes whatever question they ask.

So the fact is that sometimes people get a lower percentage, and sometimes people get a higher percentage, there are some differences.

Why so?

Maybe some of them their skills will not be so good, then they can get less than 70%, 65%, 60% or 50% or even worse than 50%.

If they are really learning from people who are not very qualified as per say or maybe they mix with a lot of schools of thoughts of Qimen and then jump up together at the end of the day they become more confused.

Of course, those people who learned Qimen Dunjia properly and polish their skills after years of years of going through practical experience and case study, their skills can go up to like 80 percent, 90 percent, or even up to 95 percent.

I don’t want wish to claim that Qimen Forecasting is going to be100 percent because of there’re always something else that we have to consider, such as environment factor, and human factor.

That means we’re going to review layer by layers and see what are the things that might be very dangerous or could be something minute that may make the differences.

So as a person that learns Qimen Dunjia and practices Qimen Dunjia, we need to understand this concept instead Qimen factor, environment factor, and then the details, how details you go to into it even we talk about stem plus 10 combination, those 12 stages of life and then the Enter Grave, the six punishments, all these nitty-gritty things, we were actually able to unveil all the hidden stones that is beneath it.

And we’re able to see many many details that a lot of people cannot see. And from there we’re able to push the accuracy of this 70% all the way to 90%, that’s where the beginner become an expert. So that’s where all the people that have learned Qimen Dunjia, they are able to become better.

But never never believe that there’s such a thing as hundred percent, there will be always mistakes so as a practitioner or if you are interested in this Qimen Dunjia, you are always be mindful that these are the things that we need to be careful, there is no such thing as hundred percent.

Do you know that you can use Qi Men Dun Jia to decide whether to make an investment or not? This is what we called a Qimen Forecasting. We use a Qimen Forecasting chart to do a divination, some call it a forecasting.

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