What to ask during a Feng Shui consultation?

You’ve finally decided to seek guidance from a Feng Shui Master. For your career, relationships, or creating harmonious energy within your environment, allowing better opportunities to come your way. 

You have booked your first consultation. 

So, now what? 

As you start your journey exploring the art of Feng Shui, you may feel a rush of excitement for the potential anticipated change in your life. However, uncertainty and anxiety can creep in at the same time. It can be daunting not knowing what to expect, especially for first-timers. 

We’ve put together some questions and things to expect during your first consultation with your Feng Shui master. Let’s ease those nerves and get the best out of the experience.

First things first 

Depending on the Feng Shui service you choose to go with, they may start with a questionnaire or inquiry form for you to fill in. The goal is to obtain information about yourself or any other members in your life that are necessary for the reading. The data collected may include your name, birth month, day, and time. This information helps Feng Shui masters to understand your BaZi, an ancient way of reading one’s destiny. From your BaZi, the master will be able to analyze your luck cycle and know how you best interact with the natural elements around you. Again, depending on the nature of your request, other information may require. For example, they might need a floor plan of your living area or workplace to identify any adjustments for improvement. 

How will this help me? 

Be clear on what exactly you want out of this consultation, and ask if you can achieve this using Feng Shui. Honesty and communication are keys in this process to ensure the master can use the right approach for your situation. It is also important to note that there are different Feng Shui schools. Depending on the type of school and practice, the methods of assessment and focus may be different. For example, some focus on the long term while others short term. Hence, being specific in your intentions will provide a better picture for the master. For example, asking for a better marriage or better career opportunities. Being clear helps to lay out the expectations of both parties, making sure you are both working together towards the same outcome.  

Learning about yourself

A consultation is also an excellent opportunity to ask about yourself. As mentioned earlier, the master will have analyzed your BaZi and determined the elements working against or for you in life. You can ask about what works well in the environment or practices that need to change in your life. Usually, this will come in the form of an intensive report, depending on how the service operates. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to question the decisions made. The masters are often willing to share their expertise with you. 


The fees may vary within the industry. Nowadays, some masters provide online consultation to enable a better reach of clients. It is best to clarify the cost of the face-to-face visit or online consultation upfront and clarify what the service includes. Understanding the cost structure will help you ensure it is within your financial budget. It will also prevent cases where exploiters will try to take advantage of your situation by charging hidden costs throughout the process. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify any ambiguity or decisions made during the process of your consultation. After all, it is your life that is bearing the change. 

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